Classic 10" Ring Light

Classic 10" Ring Light

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The Beauty Light Every Influencer Is Using!

Curious how models always have that lustrous glow to their skin? How is it that they can post nothing but flawless photos? The Classic 10 Inch ring light brings studio quality lighting to you!

The Classic 10" Ring Light is the perfect ENTRY LEVEL ring light due to its extremely high value. We realized that not everyone needs to fork out 100+ for a light! In fact, a large majority of people don't. That's you, the ENTHUSIAST! So at our expense we provide this deal so you can experience the FULL GLOW experience at a MINIMAL COST!

The Classic 10" LED Ring Light Set Features:

  • 10" Ring Light
  • Power cord included
  • A lightweight portable folding stand 
  • Easy control to adjust the brightness and power output 
  • 1x FREE adjustable mounting neck 
  • 1x FREE side-mount smartphone mount 
  • 1x FREE top-mount flexible phone mount