StudioPRO 2™ 18" Ring Light

StudioPRO 2™ 18" Ring Light

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Introducing our best seller and hottest high-end professional LED ring light, the StudioPRO 2™.

The easy-to-use controls allow you modify the lighting from a warm 3200K all the way to a cool 5800K, giving you the freedom to select the appropriate temperature setting for the perfect look you are aiming for. Simply rotate clockwise and you are good to go!

StudioPRO 2™ now features 5 extra mounting slots, a detachable double-sided mirror (Standard and 5x Magnification), a new slim and chic compact design makes it lightweight, portable and versatile for all you beauty professionals. These newest additions give #selfiequeen a whole new meaning.

StudioPRO 2™ contains everything beauty gurus need to create flawless content, photos and videos.

Package Includes:

• 1x StudioPRO 2 Ring Light
• 1x Double-sided mirror with Standard and Magnified features
• 1x 2M Adjustable Stand
• 1x FREE Camera and Phone Holder (RRP $39.99)
• 1x FREE Carry Bag (RRP $59.99)
• 1x Power Cord
• 2x Interchangeable warm/cool cover filters (RRP $19.99)